Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glock 17 vs. M&P 9?

Glock 17 RTF vs. S&W M&P 9

A couple days ago, the Vuurwapenblog responded to GunNuts Media blogger Shelley Sargent's question: Why the M&P?. Shelley eloquently highlights some of the advantages of the M&P over the Glock, including truly ambidextrous controls, interchangeable backstraps to accommodate different sized hands, and location of manufacture.

I own both, and having put many rounds through multiple copies of both models (and with all due respect to Shelley, whom we at 10-8 hold in high regard,) I have to side with the Vuurwapen blogger on this one, mainly due to the accuracy issues of the M&P 9mm. With nearly any box stock Glock 17, I can hold better than three inches at 25 yards using factory ammunition. With most M&Ps, my groups at the same distance using the same ammunition is around eight inches.

To add insult to injury, most M&Ps come with nearly unusably bad triggers out of the box. The end user must either send the pistol back to the S&W Performance Center for a sear upgrade, or purchase the excellent Apex Tactical Hard Sear to have a pistol with a decent trigger. Glocks consistently come with workable triggers right out of the box.

That said, the M&P in 45 caliber is extremely accurate and if mated with a Performance Center (or better yet, an Apex Tactical sear), the trigger is good to excellent. Make a M&P 9mm with a Performance Center Sear with the accuracy of an M&P 45 and I will be sold. Until then, the Glock 17 wins this battle of the fantastic plastic nine millimeters.

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