Saturday, June 9, 2012

Aimpoint CCO Training at Telluric Group

I just returned home from an Aimpoint media event and training course hosted at the Telluric Group training facility in Brunswick, GA. Now this was a bit of preaching to the choir on Aimpoint's part, as I have been an end user and believer in the Aimpoint red dot sight for over a decade. I will be covering the specifics regarding the training in an upcoming article and sidebar for Soldier of Fortune Magazine, but some notable news:

Telluric Group is now the official training provider for Aimpoint. They have developed a specific curriculum for professional end users that covers operation and maintenance of the Aimpoint red dot sighting system. The folks at Telluric Group come from a varied background consisting of military special operations and law enforcement tactical teams. Their staff and facility are excellent and well suited for the type of training they provide.

The Aimpoint PRO coupled with LaRue Tactical's M68 CCO Mount: a match made in heaven.

As many customers and dealers are already aware, the extremely popular Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is now available for commercial sales. This affordable optic comes complete with the robust Rail Grabber mount, yet has all the features requested by professional end users: 2 MOA dot, night vision compatibility, extended battery life (30,000 hours or approx 3 years continuous use), and Aimpoint's legendary durability and reliability.

Special thanks to Daniel Defense for providing the guns for the training. We also had a special visit from the fine folks at Blue Force Gear, who provided pouches and slings for the event. The instructors at Telluric Group were experienced, knowledgeable, and consummate professionals. I look forward to returning for more training with them, specifically for their Night Vision Operator's Course.

If you get a chance, visit the above linked sites and let us know what you think!

Tim Lau
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